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Amy and I cuddling, miss her darely. 


Painting my passion.


Me with Sunshine and hubby at the car races


Showing my adult kids, silly faces are neccessary

we only live once. 




I approach my paintings with an Evaluation of the events in the world or personal experiences.

The elements and colors are exaggerated or distorted in nature. The materials consist of watercolors

, acrylics, mixed medium pieces. Painting on paper canvas or wood. One painting idea may also come

from studying a poets work or philosophers work, listening to a particular song, art prompts, charity competition, contest and commissioned piece.


When not painting I work in a office advocating for Pet parents



2017, 2018 Online work



Local Company- RVC-Social Media, Website Presence

Local Company- Hero-Completed AL- layouts for a postcard, business cards,

vendor contract and daily form used. 


Donating postcard Supporting UK's Charity Molly Olly's Wishes 



Displayed on Instagram



Austin, Texas 

Fine Art America, Red Bubble -Online Artwork Postings


Casa Del La Esperanza-Painting Charity Donation 

NLI, Houston, Texas 

NLI Auctions: Private Collector Purchases

Dallas, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Orange County, California



Bayou City Art Festival

Target Audience: 

Curious, Funny, Unique