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Eclectic Visual Weekend Artist

I approach my paintings with an evaluation of my personal thoughts.
The elements and colors are exaggerated or distorted in nature. The images depict my thoughts about experiences
or events in the world. The materials consist of watercolors, acrylics, and mixed mediums pieces. 
Painting on paper, canvas, or wood.

One painting idea may also come into action while studying a poets or
philosophers work, listening to a particular song, art prompts on Instagram,
charity, competition, contest, and commissioned pieces. 


Born Fla.

Lived in FLA. LA. TX. KY. IN. 


​                   Showed, exhibited, and online 93 to 2021



For more detailed inquiries, request information. 



Target audience 

eclectic, eccentric, nerds, geeks, weirdos, oddballs, dry humor, he/him, she/her, them/they, zen-punks, zen-goths, zen-expressionists, 
 bohemians, happy cynics, kind cynics, spiritual, mystics, creators, collectors


and Family


Smile even if they can't see it. 

Laugh during these long days. 

Love, love in your kind ways.