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About me


  1. Amy was my BFF, passed away in April, miss her still. 
  2. Me working on a painting. 
  3. Selfie- at the car races. 
  4. Selfie-Silly face for my adult kids, like to make them laugh.

you only live once, you need a sense of humor. :)


The elements and colors are exaggerated or distorted in nature. 

Materials consist of watercolors, acrylics, and mixed mediums pieces.

Painting on paper, canvas, wood and digital. 


One painting idea may also come into action while studying a poets or

philosophers work, listening to a particular song,  art prompts on Instagram,
charity, competition, contest and commissioned piece. 


*When not painting, I work in an office helping others. :)


Learning code, excited about that. 



Shop, My site &  Fine Art America & Society 6



Local Company- RVC-Social Media, Website Presence


Local Company- Hero-Completed AL- layouts for a postcard, business cards,
vendor contract and daily form used. 

Donating postcard Supporting UK's Charity Molly Olly's Wishes 

more information can be found here  #twitterartexhibit




Prints and More 

Displayed on Instagram

Displayed and Available for purchase on Society6


Inner Loop Gallery - Exhibit-January-February 
Khon's-Midtown, Houston, Texas


Effenzee-1st Thursday-Eclectic Bunnies- August 1st

Austin, Texas 


Fine Art America, Red Bubble -Online Artwork Postings

Artist Wanted -New York City, NY-Art Competition

Art Swap Online By David Pringle
"Way to give to others and collect beauty art."-D.Pringle



Casa Del La Esperanza-Painting Charity Donation 


NLI, Houston, Texas 

NLI Auctions: Private Collector Purchases

Houston, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Austin, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Victoria, Texas

Orange County, California

Metairie, La. 


Private Collectors Purchases. 


Bayou Art Festival Houston, Texas-Exhibit




contemporary, modern, narrative, supportive, expressionistic painter  

Target Audience

Curious, Funny and Unique

In my Studio (you will find)

Art Supplies 
Crafting Supplies 
Sewing Supplies

Inspirational images 
Works of other Artists

Books, Music and more books
(technique, layout, design, history)

Location to paint:

Drafting table or Easel. 


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